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About Three Rivers Elementary School

Welcome to Three Rivers Elementary School, a proud member of the Pasco School District family and the 16th addition to our esteemed roster of elementary schools.

Nestled at 3901 Road 84, Pasco, just north of Chiawana High School, Three Rivers Elementary School boasts a state-of-the-art, two-story building spanning 72,842 square feet. Our modern, spacious campus is designed to provide an optimal learning environment for our students.

Inclusive Playground

One of our shining features is the inclusive playground that sets us apart. Committed to ensuring every student can engage in playground activities, Three Rivers Elementary is home to the first inclusive playground at an elementary school in the state of Washington. The playground has earned the prestigious designation of an Inclusion National Demonstration Site by PlayCore, a leading company in play and recreation research, programming, and products. This recognition speaks volumes about our dedication to inclusivity and our commitment to all our students, regardless of age or ability.


Investing in Education

Our school is the result of the district's 2017 $99.5 million bond, which aims to enhance the educational experience for all Pasco students. This bond has also facilitated the construction of other new schools, safety and security improvements, roof replacements, land acquisitions for future school sites, and various building improvements.

Our Identity

The mascot of Three Rivers Elementary School is the Chinook, and our slogan reflects the heart of our school: "Chinooks Swim Together." It embodies our belief in unity, collaboration, and mutual support as we guide our students toward success and personal growth.